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About Me

My name is Benjamin Akar, and I’m born and raised in Oslo, Norway. Since my childhood, I’ve been quite interested in creating things. This urge for creativity, I have chosen to express through programming, digital design and more. Being able to turn your idea into reality is an amazing feeling!

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What I Do

Web Development

I turn a design into a fresh and modern website by manually writing the code for it. I’m a full stack developer, meaning I do both front-end and back-end work regarding a website.

Digital Design

I design thorough user interfaces, advertising posters, and more with the main priority of creating good user experiences. My design software of choice is Figma.


I capture the moments that mean the most to us. From portraits to streetwear and nature photography. I own a Canon EOS 80D. I edit the photos to bring out the true colors.


I have years of experience in filming and editing content. Telling stories side by side with music, vocals, and creativity is something I can’t live without.

  • Client Work
  • Personal Work

1. the start

we review your requirements, discuss project timelines, payments, and important milestones while i look into the issues to be solved.

2. brainstorming

i design sketches and forward them to you until you are completely satisfied with the result. when you’re happy, i start coding.

3. work

once we’re finished with the project, we put up a live version, so you can view it. you can always ask for small touches if you’re uncertain.

4. deliver

i deliver you the files directly, but can also offer help with getting the website up and running on your server for additional cost.

Work Process

It’s important to me that you are satisfied on every part of the process.

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Let's work together

Send me detailed project explanation, including deadlines, your budget, to my email and we’ll be in touch soon.