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After my seventeen years on earth, these are some things I've learned
Web Development
Web Development
I started developing websites back in 2015, and quickly realized it was something I wanted to do for a living. I began with frontend, but later moved on to backend. Now, I do a combination of both. Languages I feel comfortable in are HTML(5)/CSS(5), SASS, PHP and MySQL. I’m striving to learn more every day!
Digital Design
Digital Design
Alongside web development, I am also in love with digital design. Creating a stunning frontend to my beautiful backend requires hard work, and through designing I am able to make that happen. I also like to make logos and such.
Photography & Cinematography
I have been interested in photography and cinematography for a very long time. I have years of experience in filming and editing. Being able to tell a story through movies and photos is something I really love.
Previous Work
Projects I've worked on for clients
Bolteløkka Legesenter
website, simple design
I was asked to make a simple website for a medical office located in Oslo, Norway. I sketched up a quick and simple design, forwarded it to them and they liked it.

Benjamin has a good understanding of the office's needs and wishes, he is easy to communicate and collaborate with. He always responds quickly to requests, and delivers within a short period of time.

Hilde Skrede

school, magazine
Elvebakken Highschool of Norway reached out to me in need of a new design to their online school magazine. I designed a couple sketches, forwarded them, and we agreed.
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Benjamin Akar

My name is Benjamin Akar, and I am born and raised in Oslo, Norway. I currently reside in Oslo. Ever since I was little, I’ve been interested in creating things. This urge for creativity, I have chosen to express through programming, digital design and photography & cinematography. Being able to turn your idea into reality is an amazing feeling.

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The technology part of me originates from when I was playing around with my dad’s computer during my earlier days. I later got myself an iPad 2, which I used to film short-films and stop-motion. I had a lot of fun doing this, and I posted them on YouTube for feedback. Later I received my own laptop, which is when I started experiencing a lot more. I began downloading different programs, and inspected code etc. Many years later, I am now very interested in technology and anything that has to do with photography, cinematography. In other words - anything that involves being creative.

Personal Projects
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